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Best Ways to Attract New Members

When you become part of the Multiples of America family, either by joining a local club or joining as an affiliate member, you receive several benefits, including Notebook, our Apex Award winning magazine, published quarterly. We would like to share a preview of an article that will be in our Winter 2017 issue that talks about the benefits of being a member of a local club, written by Carole Wirsyzla, one of our talented Feature Writers. Please enjoy!


Marge Ainsworth Scholarship Application Deadline 2/1/2017

The February 1, 2017 deadline to apply for the Marge Ainsworth Scholarship is fast approaching.   You will find all of the information and forms on the website in the Members Only Section (  Remember that you must be a member of your local club for at last 3 years (and that club a member of Multiples of America) for you, your spouse or multiples to apply.  If you have any questions, please contact the Scholarship Chairman (

December Multiple Messages


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – Planning for Holidays and Beyond

NOMINATING COMMITTEE – Volunteers Make Great Things Happen!

PARLIAMENTARIAN – Proposed Bylaw/Standing Rules Changes Requested.

MEMBERSHIP DEPARTMENT – November National Rep Duties

FINANCE DEPARTMENT – Using AmazonSmile to Support Multiples of America!

CONVENTION DEPARTMENT – “Speak Easy” in Kansas City!

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE – Please support our Marge Ainsworth Scholarship!

RESEARCH DEPARTMENT – What’s going on in Research?

EDUCATION DEPARTMENT – Advertising in Notebook; Attention Newsletter Editors; Letters to the Editor.

PUBLICITY DEPARTMENT –Texas Children’s Hospital: Healthy and Fun School Lunch Ideas



“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” … and it has since September! Thank goodness in my “neck of the woods” of northeast Indiana, we JUST saw our first snowfall the first weekend of December. That’s soon enough for me!

But it is NEVER too soon to start planning your holiday celebrations and shopping! Check out the Finance Department’s article on Amazon Smile … you can benefit our organization while buying just that perfect gift for family or friends. We all have a little “Money Grabber” in us when we shop!

While you are in the planning mode, see what the Meeting Planner has in store for us in 2017 in Kansas City, MO! She wants to make sure we “Don’t Speak” until we have all the facts!

WE WANT YOU! Volunteers are needed for many areas, so please fill out a resume online today! But more importantly, January 15, 2017 is the deadline for Executive Committee Applications and resumes!! Please see the Nominating Committee’s report for details.

Our Parliamentarian is always available to answer club questions at She reminds us that any bylaw amendment proposals are due to her by December 15, 2016! Don’t let time “Pass You By”!

As we all gather over the holidays to meet with family and friends, please take a moment to think of those less fortunate than you: those that have lost homes due to fires/floods/hurricanes/tornadoes, those that have lost loved ones due to these circumstances or others, and to those that may have lost their jobs and are struggling. I am humming “All Things Bright and Beautiful” as I think of this.

Until next year ….

Musically speaking,

Melodie Wisniewski, President
Multiples of America also known as NOMOTC

Song references:
“It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas” – Johnny Mathis, written by Meredith Wilson
“Money Grabber” – Fitz and the Tantrums
“Don’t Speak” – No Doubt
“Pass You By” – Boyz II Men
“All Things Bright and Beautiful” – hymn written by Cecil Frances Alexander

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With the New Year coming soon, make your resolution to share your talents with Multiples of America. Make this the time you make a commitment to the premiere organization for parents of multiples.

How can you serve? How can you repay the support you have received? How can you share and grow your leadership skills? How can you bond with parents of multiples throughout the country and world? How can your creative ideas become a reality? How can you make a difference for our members and organization? Be willing to serve!

Please submit your Officer Candidate Application for consideration to be a member of the Executive Board of Directors as an elected officer. The application is due to the Nominating Chairman by January 15, 2017. Details about the specific positions, job descriptions, qualifications needed, etc., are also available through Nominating Chairman, Judy Gorin, at

Make this the year you move from just thinking about being an officer candidate to becoming a member of Multiples of America’s Board of Directors.

Kim Ozark, Parliamentarian

A reminder…all proposed bylaw or standing rules amendments are due to the Parliamentarian by December 15, 2016. If you have any questions about the process or have a proposal to submit, send to: Thank you.


Tiff Wimberly, Membership Vice President

To make it easy for you during this crazy holiday time, here is a quick and easy checklist for Club items for December:


  • Don’t forget to submit dues for any new members since last month.
  • If any of your members moved, be sure to send in address changes.
  • If your club would like to submit any proposed changes to the Multiples of America’s Bylaws/Standing Rules, be sure to submit those to the Parliamentarian by December 15th.
  • Be sure to pass this edition of Multiple Messages on to your members! It’s full of helpful information from all the departments of Multiples of America.
  • There will be a new PASSWORD for the Members Only section of the Multiples of America website beginning December 15. It is found in the Fall Mailing. Please share with your members at your next club meeting to begin use on December 15. Remember this is a Members Only password and should not be printed in your newsletter.
  • You should have received the Fall Mailing in your email boxes. Make sure to share the information with your club members as well as passing on items to the pertinent club leaders.

If at any time you might have questions or suggestions in regard to your position as your club’s National Representative, don’t hesitate to the National Representative Liaison at

Deb Reed, Treasurer

Love to shop on the Internet? Help Multiples of America while finding your Holiday Gifts! has everything you need for your Holiday Shopping! Why not shop on to pick up those great gift items and earn some credit for your favorite club? Amazon has Electronics & Computers, Toys, Books, Shoes, Jewelry and even clothing for everyone. All of your Holiday Shopping can be shipped directly to your door. Remember to first visit and then click on the link. Multiples of America will get some credit for your purchases.

Another way to donate to Multiples of America is with AmazonSmile.


What is AmazonSmile?

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization.

You should choose NOMOTC or National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc., our legal name. It will come up as:

National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.

Location: Franklin, TN | Year Founded: 1960

Mission: NOMOTC is a network of clubs nationwide, founded in 1960 for the purpose of promoting the special aspects of child development, which relate specifically to multiple birth children.

Programs: Multiple Birth Awareness Month

Now when you shop at, your purchases will support National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.

Courtney Eiterich, Meeting Planner

Who is ready for Kansas City?? We are very excited to start unveiling some of the exciting things that await you in the Heart of America. Kansas City is known for its boom in the 1920’s where the boss of the city ignored Prohibition laws. There was a speak easy around every corner and people flocked to our Midwest city. Jazz music flourished here and such greats as saxophonist Charlie Parker hailed from KC.



Our 2017 theme for our Annual Convention is “Speak Easy- Communications, Social Media and Connections”. We are excited to share with you speakers and workshops to help you and your clubs thrive.

We are hosting our convention at the Embassy Suites –Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO. The two room suites are perfect for spending time with your old and new friends. The reservation code will be coming soon to get your rooms booked!

If you are not following us on Facebook, you should go over and give us a “like.”

If your host club would like to showcase your city for 2018 or 2019 Annual Convention, please contact:

Share with your friends, make it a road trip, or catch a short flight! We hope to see you next summer.

Pam Edelman, Scholarship Chairman
The February 1, 2017 deadline to apply for the Marge Ainsworth Scholarship is fast approaching.  You will find all of the information and forms on the website in the Members Only Section (
Remember that you must be a member of your local club for at last 3 years (and that club a member of Multiples of America) for you, your spouse, or multiples to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact the Scholarship Chairman (

Jan Schmelz, Research Vice President

Greetings from the Research Department!

This is a busy year for the members of the Research Department. The Research Committee under the direction of the Research Chairman is committed to providing four surveys this year. Our first survey concerning membership issues is available via Survey Monkey Click LINK HERE).

The Research Interpreter is busy upgrading previous Research Reports to meet standards of researchers worldwide. She is also writing Research Reports on several studies that are recently completed.

The Research Support Coordinator is reviewing questions over the past years and coming up with the 5 most asked questions. These questions will be discussed during the year with the Research Committee for potential future survey topics.

The Outside Research Coordinator continues to work with researchers and send their requests to the membership. She writes the Researchers’ Request Column for Multiple Messages and Research Studies in Review for Notebook.

Your Research Vice President oversees the work of this department. She also is writing to various Schools of Medicine letting them know we are available to participate in their studies. Getting the word out is so important.

If you have any ideas for future research survey topics, please contact us at or
As a member of Multiples of America, you have the unique opportunity to help researchers understand more about twins, triplets, quads and more. Through your responses, they are able to learn valuable information that is also shared with us to help us gain a little more insight into our children.

For a list of all of the current research, please visit our website at or see the latest NOTEBOOK. Many of the studies even offer incentives to participate.

Below are three featured studies for this month:

These researchers have approached the Multiples of America in hopes of recruiting participants for their studies. Each has a contract and has been approved by MOA. If you or your multiples have the proper qualifications and wish to participate, please contact these researchers directly for further details concerning their studies. Contacting a researcher doesn’t obligate you to participate. Please keep in mind that two of the main purposes of MOA are research and education. Your participation in these studies is encouraged and all communication is confidential between you and the researchers. For a complete list of current researchers and information, visit our website at

WHO:  Dr. Yaling Yang, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; sponsored by University of Southern California and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


PURPOSE OF STUDY: To help figure out how genetics and environment contribute to your twins’ brain development and behavior (i.e.: why they behave alike or different).

PARTICIPANTS: Twins must meet the following criteria: between the ages of 12 to 16 years; live in the Los Angeles area; birth weight needs to be greater than 3 pounds 5 ounces; can have no metal inside their body; and can‘t have a neurological disorder.

METHOD: This study involves completing surveys, providing saliva samples, and taking pictures of the brain through non-invasive MRI scans (no radiation, no injections). The total time your family (twins and one parent) will spend with us is about half a day. Compensations include $25 per hour per child, $35 per hour for one parent/legal guardian, usually about $380 in cash per family, and copy of your twins’ brain scans.

CONTACT: Trinh Luu, Project Coordinator at


WHO: Dr. David B. Rosenfield is conducting an ongoing study.

TITLE:  Multimodal and Mirror Neuronal Function in Verbal and Musical Cognition.

PURPOSE: Dr. Rosenfield is interested in learning more about the relationship between the brain and the motor aspects of speech production by studying twins who stutter.

PARTICIPANTS: Twins of all ages who stutter are needed.

INTERESTED? The method of investigation includes talking on the phone and possibly having an MRI of the brain, while looking at pictures. The location is in the Houston, Texas area. Even if this area is geographically inconvenient, Dr. Rosenfield would still like to talk to you.

CONTACT: David B. Rosenfield, M.D.

Phone: (713) 441-5070            Email:

WHO: Dr. Rothenberg is conducting a translational study in patients with eosinophilic disorders

TITLE: Eosinophilic Disorder Study

PURPOSE: Dr. Rothenberg aims to create a data bank containing pertinent patient demographic information, tissue samples and DNA, which will facilitate research on the pathophysiology of inflammatory disorders and the development of a verified successful clinical treatment program.

PARTICIPANTS: This study needs one or both of your twins or siblings to have an eosinophilic disorder.

INTERESTED? Subjects enrolled in the study will be given a questionnaire and saliva kits via mail for DNA collection.

CONTACT:     Research Assistant: Tommie Grotian           E-mail:


Kim England, Education Vice President

Advertising with Multiples of America

Do you have a unique multiple-related product or service you would like to share with other parents of multiples? What better way to get the word out than to advertise in one of Multiples of America’s club mailings, in the quarterly news magazine Notebook written by mothers of multiples or the new e-magazine version of Notebook, or on the Multiples of America website!

We offer your club or business exposure to over 18,000 members nationwide, all of whom have multiples. With costs lower than most other publications, advertising with Multiples of America can be a valuable tool to promoting your products!

Please contact the Executive Office at  for more information and an advertising brochure today!

Multiples of America welcomes advertising for multiple related products or services, which include those for families of multiples and any products or services that are safe, fun and friendly for any family dynamic. We also welcome products and services that can assist local clubs in supporting multiple birth families. We are always looking for new and exciting advertising partners!

 Attention Newsletter Editors

Don’t forget to forward your newsletter to our District reporters each month!

Also, please remember do not include Multiples of America’s Member only User name and Password within the confines of your monthly newsletter. This information is confidential, and should not be published or posted on Facebook pages. Thank you for your cooperation.

Education District Reporters for 2016-2017

 Does your club remit your monthly/quarterly newsletter to your District Reporter when you publish to your membership? Your District Reporters look forward to receiving your newsletters and reading about the exciting on-goings within your local club; and may get your club’s news published in Multiples of America’s Notebook. If your club does not publish a newsletter, the reporters are still interested in hearing from you as to what you are planning for your fellow parents of multiples. Send an email to your District Report about the goings on in your clubs, if you do not have a newsletter. If your newsletter is password protected, please make sure to provide that to your District Report so that she may access it. Please add your District Reporter’s email address to your newsletter email group or distribution list today!

The following is a listing of your 2016-2017 District Reporters. You will also find the below information published in each issue of Multiple of America’s Notebook for reference. If your club is in districts 1 or 2, please send your newsletters to the corresponding district reporter emails listed below. Our Notebook staff are being forwarded your emails.

Reporter 1 – Vacant

Serves CT, DE, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT

Reporter 2 –Vacant

Serves AL, DC, Fl, GA, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV

Reporter 3 – Diana Knollman

Serves IN, KY, IA, MI, MN, MT, ND, OH, SD, WI

Reporter 4 – Carly Harris

Serves             AR, IL, KS, LA MO, NE, OK, TX

Reporter 5 – Tracy Rasmussen

Serves AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY


**Tip for saving your newsletters: When saving your club’s newsletter, try using this format:

Club Name (state) Title of Newsletter – Date of issue


OHMOM (MO) Twinformation – September 2016


(NOTE – Vacant Reporter positions are being monitored by the Education Chairman and her staff reporters. Interested in becoming a District Reporter? Contact the Education Chairman at today!)


We receive so many wonderful newsletters as District Reporters – this format helps us keep track of which clubs we have received newsletters from, and what issue it is, if it is saved this way. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this.


Multiples of America Notebook e-magazine

 Have you checked out the newest E-Magazine? The Fall Notebook e-magazine is available online! Don’t forget to view our E-Magazine online at You have checked out the e-magazine, please let us know what you think or what you would like to see. Send your comments and suggestions to

Letters to the Editor

Keep those letters coming! Do you have something to say to the Notebook staff? We love to hear from our readers, and have instituted a new column in Notebook that features our subscriber’s comments. Do you like the new E-Magazine? How may we make it better? What would you like to see in future issues of Notebook? We would very much like to hear your opinions. Please send any questions or comments to the Education Vice President at



Gwen Shogren, Executive Vice President

Please review the pages and links to see that we have changed. Our On Line Communications team is hard at work checking out all the links to our member clubs, making sure that we have a good connection to serve you – where your members can reach Multiples of America and those potential members in your area searching our website can connect back to you! This is one of the golden benefits of your membership to Multiples of America – having an online resource for connecting potential members in your area to you. Please make sure that you are “linked” to our website, and we have a reciprocal link to yours today!


How to Increase Your Facebook Traffic

Does your club have a Facebook page? Guest post Victoria Rogers from Declutterbug vs. Captain Stingypants offers the following tips to increase the reach of your Facebook page.

  1. Understand your readers’ rhythm, or the peak times they are online. Knowing your demographics and your target audience will help you determine the best times to post important topics and photos.
  2. Be “sociable” with your readers. Answering questions and responding to comments helps increase traffic to your page.
  3. Use a theme for content, such as holiday activities or cultural events.
  4. Don’t waste your good material on low interaction days or non-peak times.
  5. Follow a pattern, posting certain items on certain days. Using a theme will help with this as well.
  6. Stay on brand, experimenting within. If you are posting a food blog, stay within the food realm, but offer healthy snacking alternatives, or creative ways to decorate food.
  7. Look for similarly themed pages and comment on their posts. Creating friendly alliances with other pages increases the traffic to your site as well.

NEW in Members Only

New on the Members Only page is the Convention Presentations 2015-2016 Annual Report. You can also find the Benefits of Membership information and the 2016 Summer e-magazine Notebook. Great information for you and to share with your members!
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Have you visited one of our Facebook (FB) pages? Please check out the links below, and join a group page or fan page now! There are even specialty pages for our Special Needs, Single Parent, and Higher Order Multiples MOMs. Please pass this information to your club members and ask them to join one, some or all the FB pages and don’t forget to “Like” us!

NOMOTC Group page:!/groups/112761253575/


Special Needs Support of Multiples of America:!/groups/492782544080632/

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Higher Order Multiples of Multiples of America:!/groups/102582546554802/
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We Tweet, Do You? Follow us on Twitter and see what we are chirping about next!

Please encourage your friends and family to follow us too … it would be really “tweet” to see you following us!

Multiple Birth Awareness Month – April 2017

Has your club begun planning for next April 2017? We would love to include your events in our updates. To find ways to celebrate your event, check out the website to review other clubs’ events over the years. You may also email the Marketing Coordinator at for advice. We can help you reach potential We are excited to share your event plans with our members!


We are always in need of photos for our award-winning Multiples of America Notebook, but as we redesign our website, we are looking for photos to update this as well. Please forward your photos to the Education Vice President at She will also share with the Publicity Department for the website as well! (You can find the Photo Submission Release form on our current website under the Members’ Only section, Education Department.)

Ask the Experts – Texas Children’s Hospital
Kristina Thone, Clinical Dietitian at Texas Children’s Hospital

Healthy and fun school lunch ideas

School is back in session which means getting back into a routine. For some, packing a school lunch is part of that routine. When the first week of school rolls around we may have the motivation to pack creative lunches, pack lunch boxes the night before and have plenty of new meal ideas. However, as the year passes by, or on those nights where time disappears, goals of packing those creative first day lunches are long gone and we are in survival mode just trying to make sure our kids leave on time with food in their hands.

It’s important that we don’t lose our motivation and continue to pack healthy lunches for our kids. A balanced lunch will provide the energy our children need to focus for the rest of the school day, can be a main contribution to overall nutrients and vitamins our kids need to grow and develop, and can indirectly teach our children balance, variation and healthy eating habits.

Here are some tips to packing healthy balanced lunches to pave the way for healthy futures for our children:

Tip #1: Meal prep when you have the time

Instead of planning to make lunches the night before school, try prepping foods immediately after grocery shopping as you put the foods away since you already provided time in your schedule to shop and store purchased foods.

Ideas to get ahead: Chop and slice vegetables and fruit, portion protein and sides, make lunches for the beginning of the week on Sunday.

Tip #2: Have a rotation of ideas

Stock your house with foods your children love. Let them pick their top favorite lunches you have packed and form a family calendar around those ideas. Have a few meals for each day of the week and rotate those so your grocery list stays quick and easy!

Tip #3: Make meals look fun

  • Use divided containers, or try bento boxes, to show portions and keep food separate.
  • Use cookie cutters, paper flags or cupcake liners to add color and excitement to sandwiches and sides.
  • Add dips and spreads to create an interactive meal.
  • Have “create your own” lunches, like English muffin pizzas, by packing a whole wheat English muffin, tomato sauce and shredded cheese that your child can create when lunchtime comes around.

Tip #4: Involve your children

Let your child help pack their lunch. Encouraging their ideas and requests will eliminate school lunch waste. While packing lunches, for example, look at your child and say, “Go grab a green vegetable from the refrigerator.” When your child gets to lunch and sees their vegetable, they will have pride knowing their choice was included, making them more likely to eat it!

Suggestions for each essential component of a school lunch:

  • Fruits/vegetables: Every color in fruits and vegetables portrays a different vitamin and mineral they provide, make sure to provide your child a variety of colors each day.
  • Grains: Whole wheat bread, tortillas, English muffins, mini bagels or pita pockets. Brown rice, whole wheat or veggie pasta, quinoa, cous cous, barley, oatmeal, bran muffins, popcorn, whole wheat crackers, tortilla chips, whole grain pretzels, granola, whole wheat waffle, raisin toast
  • Protein: lean meat, nitrate free deli meat, hard boiled eggs, nuts, seeds, nut butter, hummus, beans, edamame, tofu
  • Dairy: Yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, milk and smoothie pops


Multiples of America (also known as National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc)

Special Fund Grant


The Enrichment Development and Growth Endowment Fund (EDGE) Committee is pleased to announce that we are ready to review your project proposals. The selected project(s) will receive a grant from the EDGE Fund Committee.  This is a great opportunity to move forward with a new or expanded project directly related to the mission of Multiples of America (also known as the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, Inc.).

We have attached the Special Fund Grant application guidelines and Quick Start Guide for you to review.  The information may also be found in the Members’ Only section of our website,

Additionally, if you need further assistance or have questions, you may contact me at and I will be happy to assist you.

The EDGE Committee is looking forward to receiving your submissions.

Carol Molyneux

EDGE Fund Chairman

WANTED: Research Committee member for Multiples of America. Helps to write and coordinate organizational research studies. Must be a member of Multiples of America. Not a member of a local club that is a member of Multiples of America? Join today as an Affiliate Member! 


Contact US

Multiples of America
Executive Office
2000 Mallory Lane
Suite 130-600
Franklin, TN  37067-8231


National Association or Professional Women Inducts Kelly M. Willengurg into it’s VIP Professional Woman of the Year Circle.  See the complete article here

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Multiple Messages

Multiple Messages is now posted under the Members tab on the top right menu

Multiple Birth Information at your Fingertips!

Multiple Birth Information at your Fingertips!

Welcome to the information and resource section of the Multiples of America website. In this section you will find a wide range of information and resources available to members and non-members alike.

Expecting Multiples

Expecting multiples is a wonderful but challenging experience. Being prepared is the key to maintaining a healthy outlook. Multiples of America produces an annual pamphlet, Your Multiples and You (available in English and Spanish), which is filled with tips for preparing for multiples, tips for new parents, feeding tips and tips for maintaining a healthy pregnancy, as well as nutritional and educational information. Click here to locate a parents of multiples club and receive a free copy of Your Multiples and You. 

Learn More >>


Multiples of America aka National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs is a support group for parents of multiples, and is a national network of local clubs whose basic purposes are research, education and support of multiple birth children and their families.

Multiples of America is a network of approximately 300 local clubs representing nearly 20,000 individual parents of multiples - twins, triplets, quadruplets/quintuplets and individual and Professional Affiliate members. Multiples of America is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation funded by dues, donations and grants.

Multiples of America is a collective charter member of the International Society for Twin Studies (ISTS) and member of the International Council of Multiple Birth Organizations (ICOMBO).

What is Multiples of America Brochure

Benefits of Membership

Learn More >>

Join Something Special - Multiples of America

Multiples of America is a network of local parents of multiples clubs across the United States. Most clubs meet monthly to discuss the care, development, parenting, and schooling of multiple birth children, as well as other topics of interest. If you are expecting or have twins, triplets or more, caring for two or more babies/children can be challenging, stressful and sometimes overwhelming. Let us help you connect with a local Parents of Multiples club in your area for networking, support, information and some face-to-face time with other parents of multiples.

Learn More >>