While there are many things we will miss without a Convention this year, we could not let the summer pass without recognizing the amazing folks who have volunteered their time, energy, and talents as National Workers throughout this past year. We will be honoring our 2019-20 National Worker Service Award Recipients in person alongside our 2020-21 National Worker Service Award Recipients at our 2021 Convention. However, we couldn’t wait to thank you publicly for stepping
Five years can change the world. For our 5 Year Service Award Recipients, we know their years of service have improved the lives of families with multiples. For a combined total of fifteen years of service, our three Service Award Recipients have contributed to meaningful and positive changes in our members’ lives. Whether through awarding scholarships, reviewing applications for elected officer positions to ensure Multiples of America has qualified and dedicated leadership, or connecting members
Over the course of ten years, babies become big kids, toddlers become teenagers, and big kids become fully grown adults. Small, incremental changes add up so significantly over ten years that we track trends in fashion, music, movies, even social movements by decade. Even fifty or one hundred years later, we can recognize the shifts that happen from one decade to the next – how the 1920s differed from the 1930s or the ‘60s from
Multiples of America was founded in 1960. Throughout the organization’s 60-year history, we have been blessed with innumerable volunteers who have donated their time and energy in support of our mission and multiples families across the country. This year’s Twenty Year Service Award Recipient has been serving as a National Worker for a remarkable one-third of the organization’s history. Over two decades, our recipient has made an extraordinary impact on not only Multiples of America
Twenty-five years ago, the dawn of a new century was approaching. The world was beginning to brace for the potential consequences of Y2K, Toy Story – the first entirely computer-generated movie – was released, Steve Fossett became the first person to make a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon, and a small auction website called eBay launched. In the past twenty-five years, over 3 million children have been born as


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