About.Com – Parenting Multiples

Babynology : A big resource for baby names for all origins worldwide. Various options are available for choosing name for your boy and girl in your preferred origin and culture. Regularly reviewed and updated.

Father 2 Father: An organization designed to support and empower fathers and fathers-to-be.

GreatDad.com: A resource for Dads on learning to be fathers, parenting, pregnancy care, adoption, childcare, and raising babies, toddlers, kids, and teens.

Home School for Families of Twins: Resources for home schooling twins.

Maternity-for-Multiples: a website devoted to multiple birth pregnancies

Pearl.com – 24 Hour Doctor Hotline: Pearl.com has dozens of doctors standing by 24 hours a day, every day of the week, for one-on-one conversations to answer just about any question, anytime, conveniently and affordably.

Twin Pregnancy and Beyond: Your one-stop resource through all stages of pregnancy, birth, parenting and everything TWIN-between.

Twin Stuff: TwinStuff.com is a site created for twins by twins. There are twin games, twin links, twin events, a lot of “twinformation,” and much more.