Research with multiples contributes to our knowledge of issues relevant specifically to multiples but also has the potential to contribute transformative insights to our understanding of health and disease for the whole population. ICOMBO is gathering information to present to researchers about what multiples (and their families) would like if they are involved in research. The first step is a survey to find out more detailed information about how people feel about being involved in research. It is important that we can get the message to researchers about how we want multiples to be treated, so your input will be very valuable. I know some of the questions may seem a bit odd to those not familiar with what some research studies involve. However, these will help us guide researchers on what we may accept when asked to participate and then they can design their studies accordingly. 

This survey is for both multiples themselves (if they are old enough to make decisions about their involvement in research) and parents of younger multiples.

If possible please complete the survey in English using the following link:

Alternatively the survey is available in a number of other language options if you would prefer:

Arabic –

French –

German –

Japanese –

Spanish –

Note all your responses are anonymous.

Please share far and wide so we can get as many responses as possible. If you have any questions about this survey please contact Carolyn ( Thank you.

ICOMBO stands for the International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations. We are a voluntary organisation whose aim is to raise awareness of the unique needs of multiple-birth infants, children, adults and their families promoting their health, education and welfare.