Here are the details:

  • FertilityIQ giving away TEN – $1,000 “mini” grants for people who write a review of their fertility doctor on FertilityIQ.
  • Everyone who writes a review during the grant time is eligible to win (through 2/13). Winners will be drawn on 2/14. 
  • 5 of the grants will be awarded solely to someone who has completely a new assessment during this grant time and 5 of them will be awarded to anyone who has ever completed an assessment.
  • If someone wins the grant but is done with treatment, they can gift it to someone they know.
  • People can write one per primary doctor they saw – more doctors seen + assessments written = more entries 
    FertilityIQ has helped over a million people and has the endorsements of major publications (NYT, WSJ) and medical department heads in the US (Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Harvard, just to name a few.)

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