Growth of local club’s membership through “Find a local club” database located on Multiples of America website (

Each year thousands of prospective parents of multiples looking for local clubs click on our Search for a Club and Find a Local Club.  As a member club of Multiples of America, your club and club contacts are listed in our database. When a prospective parent of multiples puts their zip code or city in the Find a Local Club area, links to a listing of local clubs and their websites are pulled up. They can contact Multiples of America’s Executive Office for club contacts. We don’t put club contacts on our website to protect local club’s privacy. 

Multiples of America assists parents of multiples in organizing a local club through our pamphlet “How to Organize a Club” (HTO) which we send out by request.

Our Membership Committee is available to assist with questions or help problem solve throughout the organizing process and after a new club is formed. The Membership Committee keeps in contact with prospective new clubs at initial request of HTO, at 3 month and 6 month to offer assistance. Once a new club is formed, the Membership Committee keeps in contact at first month and third month. After that, any questions or need for assistance will be handled by Membership Department

Join our Members only Facebook Group!

Multiples of America is pleased to announce as an added benefit of membership, you may now join our members only Facebook group.  Our objective in creating this group is to allow our members to carry on day to day discussions regarding the parenting of multiple birth children. We hope you join us!

Resources available to assist local clubs in running their club

1) Club Tips for Local Club Presidents; Club Tips for Treasurers; Club Tips for Membership Chairman; Club Tips for National Reps; Club Tips for Secretary; Club Tips for Newsletter Editors; and Club Tips for Program Chairman; Club Tips for Installing Officers.*

2) Club Tips in Handling School Issues; Club Tips for Keeping Experienced MOMs as Members; Club Tips for Social Media Policies; Club Tips for Smaller Clubs; Club Tips for Electronic Communications and Internet; Club Tips for Tough Issues Groups Face; Club Tips for Bereavement Support; Club Tips for Group Exemption. 

3) Group Exemption Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Status Under Multiples of America’s Umbrella
As a member club, your club can receive 501(c)(3) status through Multiples of America/NOMOTC as a subordinate chapter/club. Plus, your club gains the advantage of avoiding individual application for exemption. This tax status and the benefits it accords are not automatic, though. Documents must be filed every year by every club requesting this status. Multiples of America/NOMOTC is then required to submit information on behalf of each of its subordinate chapters (clubs). Multiples of America/NOMOTC reports any changes in purpose, character or method of operation, changes in name or address, and any withdrawals and/or additions of subordinate chapters.

With Multiples of America/NOMOTC’s classification, its subordinates receive the following benefits:

a) The IRS will recognize your club as a subordinate chapter of Multiples of America/NOMOTC with

b) Assignment of a Group Exemption Number (GEN).

c) With this ruling, subordinates may receive gifts and donations that are tax deductible by donors.

d) A subordinate may apply for state tax exemption, if applicable. Most states will not classify a local chapter for sales tax exemption, unless federal exemption has already been granted.

e) If club mailings are 200 or more pieces, a subordinate may apply for postal nonprofit rates, a substantial savings from regular bulk postal rates.

f) Officers and committee chairmen can deduct out-of-pocket expenses in personal
income tax returns, including mileage in conducting business. Further information for individuals is available in the IRS 1040 Packet, under instructions for Schedule A (contributions).

g) Multiples of America/ NOMOTC will complete the Form 990-N, e-Postcard, on behalf of clubs with gross receipts less than $50K. Clubs with gross receipts exceeding $50K are required to file Form 990 and will thus meet the reporting requirements related to
Form 990 -N. (For the definition of gross receipts, contact the Executive Office

July 10, 2018
From: President, Kim England

Most of you are now aware that Big Tent will no longer be in service at the end of this year. Multiples of America knows that many local clubs and organizations have been using this service over the past several years. Your Board of Directors has started the process of researching different options and services to best replace Big Tent. Multiples of America will be sharing these new services and options in the near future.  We are looking for a smooth transition for everyone.