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CASTING WOMEN & MEN Nationwide for an amazing

New BEAUTY TRANSFORMATION TV Show for a Major TV Network. 

If you’ve always dreamed of going to the Top Celebrity

Plastic SURGEON & BEAUTY EXPERT, We are here to help! 

NO procedure is too small or too big. Read below for examples of procedures.

Have you dreamed of making a physical change that needs medical help? 

Has an issue with your body or facial features including hair or skin been affecting your day to day life or esteem?

Perhaps you have a scar you want removed?

Perhaps you have a Cleft Palate or something different that you want fixed?

Perhaps you just love the newest trends in beauty procedures & want more? 

Perhaps parts of your body have changed positioning with time?

Perhaps you just want Freshening up? Perhaps you want a Forehead lift?

Perhaps you were hurt in an accident or in the military & you dream of going to an expert beauty or medical professional?

Has something been stopping your dream of getting a fresh, confident you? Perhaps it was a fear of unnatural results or lack of access or means? Perhaps you have been too busy taking care of the family or working & now it’s time for YOU?

Whether you are Beauty Procedure Virgin or you have had several procedures & want to try more, we are interested in hearing from you! Whether you are looking for a SUBTLE difference in your appearance or for a COMPLETE makeover, our Top Celebrity Plastic Surgeon & Beauty Expert will make sure you achieve your dream aesthetic goals with natural looking results using cutting-edge technology,

Surgical & NON-Surgical procedures that have changed the face of surgery.

Email:  Twins Talent at transformationshow2019@gmail.com

Email Asap if interested AND fill out the application.


Please include your full name, location, contact information, a description of your aesthetic goals, and photos of skin condition/body part you wish to treat.  *Must be 18 or older to apply

APPLICATIONS: https://theconlincompany.com/transformation/

Please make sure on the application where it says “Where did you hear about this casting?” you write TWINS TALENT so casting will look at your application immediately.

Here are a few of the endless procedures that might be on your wish list 

Arm Tuck, Body Contouring, Fat Grafting, Brow & Forehead Lift, Mole Removal, Upper Lip Lift, Labiaplasty, Liposuction, Mommy Makeover, Daddy Makeover, Bodytite, Facetite, Blepharaoplasty, Scar Revision, Tummy Tuck, Eyelift Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Brachioplasty, Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation, Buccal FatPad Removal, Butt Augmentation, Cyst Removal, Earlobe Reduction, Facelift, Fat Grafting,

Male Breast Reduction, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Botox, Nipple Reduction, Cellulite Reduction, Cooltone, Dermapen Microneedling, Hair Rejuvenation, Laser Resurfacing, Miradry, Cleft Palate Repair, Pigment/Spot removal, Spider Vein Reduction