Welcome to the wonderful world of multiples! If you are expecting or have twins, triplets or more, or you are already the parent or guardian of multiples, increase your knowledge and success in the most important role of your life – parenting your multiples. Let us help you connect with a local Parents of Multiples club in your area for networking, support, information and some face-to-face time with other parents of multiples. We encourage all expectant and current parents of multiples to connect with a local club and attend meetings and social events. Fellow parents of multiples have been there and done that and understand your situation best.

Multiples of America is a network of local parents of multiples clubs across the United States. Most clubs meet monthly to discuss the care, development, parenting, and schooling of multiple birth children, as well as other topics of interest. Clothing and equipment sales/exchanges and club libraries are other benefits of joining a local club.

There are three ways to become a member of Multiples of America. One is to become a member of your local Multiples of America-affiliated club. Two, if there is no club near you or you are an educator, researcher or health care professional, you can join Multiples of America as an individual or professional affiliate. And three, you can start your own local parents of multiples club. You only need 4 members to become a club. We have all the info on how to organize a club. Contact info@multiplesofamerica.org for a free How To Organize booklet to get started.

Check out our Benefits of Membership in Multiples of America link listing benefits for members and for local parents of multiples clubs.

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All these benefits and more for just $10 a year. Being a member of Multiples of America is a wonderful deal and great value to both clubs and individuals.

We are now making it easier than ever to join Multiples of America! Follow the links below to join and pay your application fee and dues online! We look forward to partnering with your club!

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We hope YOU and YOUR CLUB will join with Multiples of America with approximately 300 member clubs and 20,000 members nationwide to increase awareness of the special aspects of multiple birth children and their families!

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If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us info@multiplesofamerica.org