We are inspired by these women who, in addition to balancing their work lives and home lives also make time to volunteer in leadership roles for our organization.  So often we see their names or pictures on our website or in our magazine, Notebook, or in our email publication Multiple Messages or at our annual convention conducting the business of the organization but rarely do we get a chance to read their story about why they make the time to serve our organization.  This series of profiles will help our members get to know their leaders’ personal side and their motivations for being a part of Multiples of America.  You may read something that resonates with you, your family or your life.  It’s these connections that bind us all together.  Since our organization is made up of many volunteers, we urge you all to consider volunteering for our organization…start small and grow big.  Many of the skill sets learned while being a volunteer, like leadership, communication, and organizing, have been useful in growing careers. 

Membership Vice President, Terri Gillis

Terri has done it all serving in many leadership roles at the local, state and national levels.  She has enjoyed a demanding professional career alongside her volunteer career with Multiples of America.  Proof positive it can be done and her journey has given her many gifts of cherished friendship along the way.

Name:   Terri Gillis

BOD Position: Membership Vice President

Children’s Ages: Twin Daughters – 44 years old

Club Affiliations: Greater Orlando Mothers of Twins and Triplets (GOMOTT) and Flamingo Mothers of Multiples (Flamingo Moms)

Why did you join? When my girls were 6 months old a neighbor I did not know saw my stroller and insisted I attend a mothers of twins meeting with her.   From that night on, it was all about the friendships and connections that became a major part of my social life.

What made you stay?  The friendships and connections I made.  My closest circle of friends today are from those early days.  I also immediately volunteered which kept me active.  By the time the twins were in school I had become a State volunteer which kept me active in my local club so I could be a state volunteer.  And later as I moved on to National as a volunteer, the local club continued to be the conduit for my volunteer efforts to continue.

Why do you serve?  I am a leader versus a follower and volunteering allowed me to naturally grow in that area.  I found that my work skills offered value to my club work at all levels; and, that my work at the State and National level actually allowed me to deepen leadership skills that transferred back to my job.  I love being a mentor to others and having mature twins and a deep knowledge of my local club has allowed me to guide others in both parenting and club related matters.

 Professional Career:  I recently retired after 47 years with SunTrust Banks, a major banking corporation.  I was the corporate incentive/sale administrator responsible for implementation and ongoing administration of compensation plans for over 15,000 employees.  Title:  Senior Vice President/STI Incentive Administration Manager.  Background in banking also included managing Consumer Training, Starting the first Telephone Banking Unit, and Sales Management which included event planning, sales training, and quality service training for Consumer Banking.

Something Non-Multiple Related:  I am the Gramma to Emma 3 and Landry 6.  What Joy!