A Straw Polling was done to ask what local clubs were using to conduct business and communicate with their members. The majority of these polled use Google and their GSuite products. Listed below is a very brief description of how this service can be used. This service tends to be user friendly and easy to set up. We encourage local clubs that are currently using Big Tent to look into this service and other service options available. 

  • Board members can have a unique Gmail account in addition to main email addresses. 
  • Clubs can store all official minutes, agendas and club documents using  Google Storage and set this up with your Secretaries Gmail account.  PDF versions of minutes can then be distributed to the General and Executive Boards as needed and appropriately. 
  • Board Members can capture procedures and checklist using personal Gmail accounts and then share those documents broadly with all the General and Executive Boards as appropriate. 
  • Google Calendar is easy to set up and user friendly for members.
  • Clubs official membership list can be kept in a Google Sheet that is updated as needed on a monthly basis.  Clubs Membership lists for events and/or submitting to Multiples of America can be created from the master sheet.  This list can also help clubs sync up with member website accounts and the member mailing list in MailChimp if needed. 

These are only a few highlights and benefits using Google and GSuite services. The only negative response received was pertaining to larger clubs when sending a mass email to members. One club stated that Google wanted to consider them a business and charge a fee. This club was able to fix this issue by sending emails to members in smaller batches.

Multiples of America also uses Google for certain services and have found it to be efficient and user friendly.