Birth Facts

Multiple Birth Fact

Are they identical?

How do you maneuver the stroller through the aisles?

Were you on fertility drugs?

Do you have your hands full all of the time?

Are they double trouble?

Do twins run in your family?

Are you sure they are twins? They don’t look alike…

For some parents of multiples, questions like these seem to echo endlessly. Actually, it has been that way for ages. Twins and higher order multiples (three or more) have been the source of fascination and folklore for centuries, from the mythological Romulus and Remus to the biblical Jacob and Esau. Depending on the culture, twins were either revered or feared. Some were thought to bring on bad luck or poor crops, and the twins or the mother were sometimes killed. However, in some African tribes twins were honored and treated like royalty.

The average person has many misconceptions regarding twins and higher order multiples. One of the most common is that twins are people who look identical. The general public has little interest in boy/girl twins and those twins who look completely different from each other. Some will even argue with the mother (who carried the two in her womb) that these un-alike multiples could not be twins!