Famous Multiples

Sports Personalities

ALI, MUHAMMAD – boxer – girls. (changed name from Cassius Clay).

ATWOOD, DONNA – Ice Capades star – boys.

ARMSTRONG, LANCE – Author, cancer survivor and seven-time Tour de France champion – girls (Isabelle Rose – 5 lb. 12 oz. and Grace Elizabeth – 5 lb. 2 oz.), born November 20, 2001.

BANKS, ERNIE – professional baseball player – boys.

BUNNING, JIM – former professional baseball player (1950 – 1971) and Congressman from Kentucky (first elected 1986) – 2 sets, both boy/girl (Jim and Joan/David and Amy). Jim and his wife (former Mary Catherine Theis) have nine children and 32 grandchildren (1998). Jim was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1996.

CASH, PAT – Pat Cash is a former Australian Tennis Player who won Wimbledon in 1987 in the mens singles. He is the father of fraternal boys, Jett and Shannon, born 9 October 1994 to his second wife, Emily.

FLORES, TOM – professional football player/coach/author. Flores was a quarterback for 10 seasons with the Raiders, Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs. Flores coached the Oakland and Los Angeles Raiders to two Super Bowl victories in the 1980s.

GONZALES, LUIS – professional baseball player. He and his wife, Christine, had triplets on June 26, 1998, with the arrival of Megan, Jacob and Alyssa. “Gonzo” hit an RBI single with one out in the ninth inning of Game 7 in the 2001 World Series to give the Arizona Diamondbacks their first World Series win and upend the three-time defending champion Yankees. Luis has established the “Kids Going Gonzo for School” program in Arizona, while also working closely with Make-A-Wish Foundation and Sunshine Acres. Gonzo was named the City of Houston’s 1997 Sportsman of the Year by the RBI Foundation.

GONZALES, PONCHO – former tennis star – girls.

HARMON, TOM and KNOX, ELYSE – football great (Michigan Wolverines’ first Heisman Trophy winner) and actress – grandparents – boys. (Matthew and Gunnar Nelson)

HAMM, MIA Talk about a “soccer mom”! Married to professional baseball player Nomar Garciaparra, professional soccer player ar Mia Hamm is a mom of twin girls. Grace Isabella and Ava Caroline were born March 28, 2007. Generally considered the world’s best female soccer player, Hamm led the U.S. Women’s Soccer team to Olympic gold in 1996 and again Athens in 2004 and was part of World Cup Champion teams in 1991 and 1999.

HAMM, PAUL and MORGAN have been Olympic gymnasts – Paul won the 2004 all-around gold medal.

KIDD, JASON – professional basketball player (b. 3/23/73) and wife, Joumana Samaha – girls (Miah and Jazelle, b. 2001). He was a member of Team USA that won the Tournament of Americas in 1999 and the gold medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The Jason Kidd Foundation was established in March of 1999, an organization dedicated to providing funds for children’s medical research and to charitable organizations supporting the needs and interests of children.

LYNN, JANET – professional ice skater – boys.

MORA, MELVIN & GISEL – Quints – Baltimore, Maryland, July 28, 2001 – born at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, there are two boys — Christian and Matthew David — and three girls — Genesis, Rebekah and Jada Priscilla. They have an older sister, Tatiana…The Moras live year-round in Fallston, MD. Melvin Mora is a professional baseball player on the Baltimore Orioles team.

ROOF, PHIL – professional baseball player – girls

SAMMARTINO, BRUNO – champion of the World Wide Wrestling Federation (NE U.S.) – boys

Entertainment Personalities

ASNER, ED – television and film actor – boy/girl.

BACH, JOHAN SEBASTIAN and MARIA BARBARA – composer – boy/girl. Johann Christoph and Maria Sophia, born 23 February, 1713, and died, 23 Feb and 13 March.

BAKER, SHANNON and SHAUNA (born March 1, 1984) The twins were raised on the Stellat’en First Nation reservation, Britsh Columbia, Canada. Shannon and Shauna are of the Carrier tribe. At age 16, the twins performed duets and competed in classical music competitions  They are collectively known as ‘The Baker Twins’. As an actors, models, and spokespersons Shannon and Shauna have been featured on a variety of television shows, films, commercials, workshops and videos

BATES, ALAN – actor – boys. Bates married actress Victoria Ward in 1970. Their twin sons, Benedick and Tristan, were born in 1971. Tristan died during an asthma attack in 1990; Ward died in 1992. The current Patron of the Actors Centre in London, Bates and his family have endowed a theatre there in memory of Tristan Bates, who, like his mother, father and brother, was an actor.

ANGELA BASSETT Actors Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance are the parents of son Slater Josiah and daughter Bronwyn Golden born on January 27, 2006. The twins were carried by a surrogate mother.

BERGMAN, INGRID and ROBERTO ROSSELLINI – Oscar winning actress and director – girls (Isotta and Isabella. Ingrid Bergman is perhaps most remembered for her roles in ” Casablanca” (1942) and “For Whom the Bell Tolls” (1943). Born August 29, 1915, Ingrid Bergman died the same day in 1982. Roberto Rossellini died in 1977.

BERNSEN, CORBIN and PAYS, AMANDA – actor and actress – boys, 1992.

BAXTER, MEREDITH and BIRNEY, DAVID – actor and actress – boy/girl (Peter and Mollie). Meredith and David starred together in their television series “Bridget Loves Birney” in 1972. They were divorced in the mid 80s. Meredith played the role of Mrs. Keaton on “Family Ties.” She has also starred in a number of TV films and played the role of Nancy in the TV series “Family” (1976). (Meredith is the daughter of Whitney Blake who may best be remembered in the role of Dorothy in the 1960’s TV series “Hazel.”

BLOCKER, DAN – actor – identical girls (Debra and Danna). Dan Blocker played role of Eric “Hoss” Cartwright in the long-running TV series “Bonanza” (1959-72). He was also the father of producer David Blocker and actor Dirk Blocker. He was born December 10, 1928 and died May 3, 1972 following gall bladder surgery.

BOONE, DEBBY and FERRER, GABRIEL – actress/singer/author and daughter of singer/entertainer/evangelist Pat Boone and artist/illustrator Gabriel Ferrer, son of singer Rosemary Clooney and the late actor Jose Ferrer. They are the parents of four children including fraternal twin girls, Gabrielle and Dustin.

BOONE, PAT – singer/entertainer/evangelist Pat Boone and Shirley (daughter of the late Red Foley are grandparents of twin girls, Gabrielle and Dustin. They are daughter Debby’s children.

BOWEN, JULIE –actress- was featured in several successful television shows before the 2010 hit Modern Family made her a household name. She’s a mom to three boys, including twins, John and Gustav, born in 2009

BRODERICK, MATTHEW Matthew Broderick’s twin girls were born on June 22, 2009, delivered by a surrogate mother. Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge carry their father — actor Matthew Broderick’s — last name, while their middle names reflect their mother’s (actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s) heritage. The couple had been married for twelve years when their darling daughter duo was born, and have a son, James, who was six years old when his sisters arrived. Matthew Broderick is know for comedic roles on stage and on screen, my favorite of which is the 80’s classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and has lent his voice talents to several animated features.

BRYANT, ANITA – TV actress, singer – boy/girl. Anita Bryant, former Miss Oklahoma, Miss America runner-up 1958, She was a regular performer on the “George Gobel Show” (1954). She will also be remembered for her appearance in commercials and as a spokesperson for the Florida orange juice industry.

CAREY, MARIAH – singer, and her husband, Nick Cannon, received a wonderful gift on their third wedding anniversary when their boy/girl twins were born on April 30, 2011. Monroe, the girl arrived first, weighing 5 pounds, 3 ounces, followed by the boy, Moroccan Scott, who weighed 5 pounds, 6 ounces. The couple announced that they were expecting in the fall of 2010. Rumors swirled about the possibility of a duet, but the couple did not confirm that it was twins until December. after the singer let the secret slip to President and Mrs. Obama at a Christmas concert.

CLOONEY, ROSEMARY and FERRER, JOSE – singer/actress/entertainer and actor Jose Ferrer (died in 1992). (Jose’s real name was Jose Vincente Ferrery Centron.) Grandparents of twin girls, Gabrielle and Dustin, the daughters of son, Gabriel and wife Debby Boone. (Rosemary Clooney died in 2002.)

COLE, NAT KING and MARIA (Ellington) – Grammy Award-winning singer – girls (Timolin and Casey born 9/26/61). Nat King Cole was a very famous jazz pianist and singer. (Maria was also a singer and sang in Nat’s band for a time.)

CRAWFORD, JOAN – Oscar Award-winning actress – adopted girls. Her real name was Lucille Fay LeSueur. Joan Crawford was born in 1904 – 1908 (depending on the source) and died in 1977 from cancer.

CROSBY, BING AND LEE, DIXIE – actor/singer and actress/singer – boys. Twins, Philip and Dennis, were born in 1934 and Dennis died in 1991. Dennis and Philip joined brothers Gary and Lindsay in a nightclub act during the late Fifties, often appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. Dixie Lee, born Wilma Wyatt, was a singer and an actress. She died November 1, 1952 from ovarian cancer at age 40. Bing (Harry Lillis) Crosby, both actor and singer, won and Oscar for best actor for playing an easy going priest in “Going My Way” (1944). He died in October, 1977 at the age of 73 while playing golf in Spain.

CROSS, MARCIA (actress) has played some interesting roles on popular television programs, from the insane Kimberly on Melrose Place to the perfectionist Bree on Desperate Housewives. But her role as mother of twins is her favorite. She and her husband, Tom Mahoney, became the parents of fraternal girls named Eden and Savannah, on February 20, 2007.

CURTIS, TONY – actor – boys. Tony Curtis was born with the name Bernard Schwartz on June 3, 1925. He started his career in movies in 1949. Twins were born to Tony and former wife, Leslie Allen.

D’ANGELO, BEVERLY and PACINO, AL – actress and actor – boy (Anton)/girl (Olivia) twins on January 25, 2001. The twins were the first children for D’Angelo, 46, who has been with Pacino, 60, for four years.

DEMPSEY, PATRICK Patrick Dempsey has enjoyed success on the big screen as well as television. Starting his career as a teen heart-throb in the late 80’s, he became best known as “Dr. McDreamy” on the popular tv drama, “Grey’s Anatomy.” He and his wife, Jill Fink, have three children, including twin sons twin sons Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick, born in 2007. Dempsey is an avid race car driver. He described his boys as very active on the talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, saying “Boys are completely different than girls for obvious reasons, but physically they’re so much more active!” You cannot turn your back [because] there’s always an injury, there’s always something going on.”

DE NIRO, ROBERT and SMITH, TOUKIE – actor/producer – twin sons, 1995. Girlfriend, Toukie Smith, conceived via in vitro fecundation. Robert De Niro has acted in or produced dozens of films.

DION, CELINE – singer- gave birth to twin boys on October 23, 2010. Although reported to be premature, the babies weighed 5 pounds, 10 ounces and 5 pounds, 4 ounces. The singer and her husband, Rene Angelil, had tried repeatedly to have another baby after the birth of their son, René-Charles, and the twins resulted after six attempts at in vitro fertilization.

DIX, RICHARD – actor – twins.

DOUGLAS, MIKE – actor – girls. Born in 1925 in Chicago, IL, his real name was Michael Dowd. He and wife, Genevieve Purnell, have three daughters including twins.

FARROW, MIA and PREVIN, ANDRE – actress and conductor/composer/pianist – boys (Matthew Phineas and Sascha Villiers). Mia Farrow and Andre Previn had six children, among them twins. Mia Farrow was born with the name Maria de Lourdes Villiers Farrow in 1945. She was once married to the late Frank Sinatra. Andre Previn was born in Germany in 1929. Previn scored numerous films in the ’50s, ’60s and early ’70s, among them Oscar winners “Gigi,” “Porgy and Bess,” “Irma La Douce,” and “My Fair Lady.”

FORMAN, MILOS – director – boys. Milos Forman directed “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (1975). Some other films of Milos Forman were the musical ” Hair (1979)” and his biography of ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’ “Amadeus (1984)” which won nine oscars. Milos Forman and Vera Kresadlova are the parents of twins, Petr Forman and Matej Forman, Czechoslovakian film actors.

FOX, MICHAEL J. and TRACY POLLAN – actor and actress – identical girls,
Respected actor Michael J. Fox is the father of four children, including twin girls born in 1995, Aquinnah Kathleen Fox and Schuyler Frances Fox. His wife is actress Tracy Pollan. In addition to movie blockbusters like the Back to the Future trilogy, he enjoyed success as the star of television series Family Ties and Spin City. In 1998, he revealed that he was battling Parkinson’s Disease and established a foundation devoted to supporting research about the condition.

GIBSON, MEL and ROBYN MOORE – actor – boys

Mel Gibson has brothers who are twins (Daniel and Christopher) as well as twin sons (Edward and Christian). The twin boys were born in 1982, and are two of Gibson’s eight total children. He started acting in the 1970’s and has enjoyed an illustrious career over many decades. Some of his best known films are Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart and The Patriot.

GOSSELIN, KATE She’s not a famous singer, actress, politician or historial figure. In fact, Kate Gosselin’s fame is the result of being a mother of multiples – twice over. She’s a mom of twin girls (Cara Nicole and Madelyn Kate, born in October 2000). Then, she and her husband Jon decided to try for “just one more.” Kate gave birth to sextuplets (yep, six babies!) in May 2004: Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Aaden Jonathan, Collin Thomas, Leah Hope and Joel Kevin. The family’s life — including Kate’s tumultuous breakup with her husband, Jon — has been documented in the popular television series “Jon and Kate Plus 8” which airs on TLC. Their book, Multiple Bles8ings details their story and the faith that has sustained them through their journey.

GRACE, NANCY is a lawyer, author and television personality, best known for her legal commentary on high-profile cases such as the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping and Casey Anthony murder trial. She is the mom of boy/girl twins born in 2007. John David and Lucy Elizabeth were born when Grace was forty-eight years old. In the fall of 2011, Nancy Grace joined the celebrity cast of “Dancing with the Stars”.

GREEN, EVA (actress) and her fraternal sister JOY were born in Paris, France on July 6,1980 and are completely different. “Joy and I are very contrasting characters,” says Eva. “She never wanted to act, which was quite good because it would have been very competitive between us. We fought and were quite nasty to one another, but now we get on really well. She keeps all the clippings about me.” Joy now rears horses in the Normandy countryside with her husband.

GREENE, LORNE – actor – girl/boy. Twins (Melinda Susan and Charles) were born in 1945 to Lorne Greene and former wife Rita Hands of Toronto. Lorne Greene was born in 1915 and passed away in 1987. He will especially be remembered for his role as Ben Cartwright on the TV series “Bonanza” (1959-73).

HAMILTON, LINDA CARROLL (actress) and LESLIE HAMILTON GEARREN  born September 26, 1956 in Salisbury, Maryland are identical twin sisters. Although Leslie is a professional nurse, she was also her sister Linda’s on-screen double in three scenes in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

HARDIN, TY and ANDRA MARTIN – actor and actress – boys. Ty Hardin’s real name was Orson Whipple Hungerford II.

HARRINGTON, AL – actor – boys. Al Harrington played the role of Detective Ben Kokua, a Hawaiian who returned home after suffering a college football injury on the TV series “Hawaii Five-0” (1968-80). Harrington retired after 20 years on the Waikiki entertainment circuit. He is working on a motivational book in Provo, Utah, and preparing to co-star in a movie with Jack Palance. (Source: Hawaii Magazine, February, 1993.)

HAYWARD, SUSAN – actress – boys. (Died March 14, 1995 at age 56. Birth name was Edythe Marrener.)

HEIDT, HORACE – late band leader, actor and philanthropist – boys. (Also visit the Internet Movie Database for additional information.)

HENNESSY, JILL  (actress) and JACQUELINE (Canadian journalist, television host, and occasional actress) Identical twins born November 25, 1968 in Canada.

HIATT, SHELBY – TV actress who played Jane Dawson on ” General Hospital” in 1968 – boys.

HORNE, LENA – singer/actress – grandsons.

HOWARD, RON and CHERYL – actor/director and actress- girls.
HUNTER, HOLLY Actress Holly Hunter, known as the voice of supermom Helen Parr in the movie “The Incredibles” gave birth to twins in January 2006. The Oscar-winning actress was forty-seven years old when she became a mom of twins. It has been reported that the twins are boys, but otherwise, very little information has surfaced.

IGLESIAS, JULIO – international recording artist (Spain’s most famous singer) and wife, Miranda Rijnsburger – girls (Victoria – 6 lbs 10 oz. – and Cristina – 6 lbs 3 oz.), born May 2, 2001.

JOHANSSON, SCARLETT (actress) & HUNTER (actor) was born on November 22, 1984 in New York City, New York.

JOLIE, ANGELINA – gave birth to boy/girl twins on Saturday, July 12, 2008. Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline were delivered by cesarean section at a hospital in Nice, France and weighed about five pounds each. The twins are the fifth and sixth children for the celebrity couple, including three adopted children, (Maddox, 6, Pax,4, and Zahara, 3), and a biological daughter, Shiloh, who turned 2 in May 2008.

KRALL, DIANA Imagine the lullabies this mom of twins would sing! Diana Krall is a Grammy award-winning jazz musician married to singer/songwriter Elvis Costello. The musical couple had twin boys, Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James, in December 2006.

KUTCHER, ASHTON (actor) (born Christopher Ashton) and MICHAEL (salesman) fraternal twins born February 7, 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Michael was born with cerebral palsy and successfully underwent a heart transplant when he was 13 years old. The two were quite close growing up in Iowa, until Ashton moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career in his early 20s. Michael, who lives in Iowa and sells retirement plans, says of his childhood, “I was the kid with the big Coke-bottle glasses, the hearing aid. There was a lot of teasing, a lot of the normal mean stuff.” Ashton was his self-appointed protector.

LADD, MARGARET AND KESSLER, KYLE – actress and writer/actor/producer – boy/girl.

LANE, MARYON and DAVID BLAIR – former Royal Ballet – soloists – girls.

LESLIE, JOAN – film and TV actress – girls. Joan Leslie was born January 26, 1925 with the name Joan Brodel. She began her career as a child performer. She married Dr. William Caldwell in 1950 and later quit her acting career to raise her identical twin daughters, Patrice and Ellen. She resumed her acting career once her daughters had grown up. Both reportedly went on to earn doctorate degrees and teach at universities.

LINKLETTER, ART – TV and radio personality, author, speaker – grandfather – boys. Art Linkletter’s real name is Arthur Gordon Kelly. He was the host of the popular TV Emmy-winning TV show, “House Party,” (1952) which featured a segment called “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” After 25 years off TV, Linkletter has returned to TV. A producer on “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” he also shows up on-screen each week with classic “House Party” clips. Art Linkletter has served on President Nixon’s National Advisory Council for Drug Abuse Prevention; on the Presidential Commission to Improve Reading in the U.S., on President Reagan’s Commission on Fitness and Physical Education; and he was Ambassador to Australia and named Commissioner General to the 150th Australian Anniversary Celebration.

LUNDEN, JOAN Joan Lunden is an author and television personality, and a mom of twins — times two. The former host of Good Morning America had already raised three daughters when she and her husband Jeff Konigsberg had twins in 2003 via a surrogate mother. Lunden was well into her 50s and had tried and failed to become pregnant via in vitro. Max and Kate were born in 2003, followed by Kimberly Elise and Jack Andrew in 2005.

LONDON, JULIE and TROUP, BOBBY – singer/actress and jazz musician/song writer/actor – boys. Julie London’s real name was Julie Peck. Julie London was one of the top female vocalists during the 50s and early 60s. She was once married to Jack Webb. Both Julie (Nurse Dixie McCall and Bobby (Dr. Joe Early) had roles in the TV series “Emergency” (early 1970s). Julie appeared in many other films and TV shows. Bobby Troup wrote title song “Route 66” of the 1960s TV show of the same name.

LOPEZ, JENNIFER is recognized as a superstar singer and actress, and also known for her offscreen romances with Sean Combs and Ben Affleck. After marrying Marc Anthony in 2004, the couple had twins in February 2008. Max and Emme made their media debut in People magazine at just a month old. In 2011, the couple called it quits after 7 years of marriage.

LYNN, LORETTA – country music singer – girls (Patsy and Peggy).

MAC MURRAY, FRED and HAVER, JUNE – saxophonist/vocalist/actor and actress – adopted girls. June Haver was born June 10, 1926 and her real name was June Stovenour. Fred MacMurray was born August 30, 1908 and died November 5, 1991 from pneumonia. He had roles in numerous films and may be remembered most for his role as Steve Douglas in the TV series “My Three Sons.”

MAJORS, LEE and VELEZ, KAREN – actor and model/Playmate of the Month – boys. Lee Majors’ real name is Harvey Lee Yeary II. Lee Majors will be remembered for his role as Colonel Steve Austin in the TV series “Six Million Dollar Man.”

MANCINI, HENRY and O’CONNOR, GINNY – musician/composer/conductor/ film scorer and band singer – girls (Monica and Felice born in 1952). Henry Mancini died June 14, 1994 at the age of 70. Mancini was a prolific recording artist, collecting 20 Grammys and 6 gold albums. On television, he appeared on a half-hour musical TV series, numerous specials, and his concerts sold out around the world. He wrote and conducted the music for more than 80 movies. He won Oscars for the songs “Moon River” (1962) and “Days of Wine and Roses” (1963) and the scores of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1962) and “Victor/Victoria” (1982).

MASTERS, MARIE – actress/director – boy/girl. She is well-known for her role as Dr. Susan Stewart on the daytime drama, “As the World Turns.” Her twin children, Jenny and Jesse, are both graduates of Cornell University. Jenny made her television debut in 1974 as Master’s ATWT character’s daughter, Emily.

MATTHEWS, DAVE – vocalist/guitarist of Dave Matthews Band – fraternal girls. His twin girls, Stella Busina and Grace Anne, were born in August of 2001 to Matthews and his wife Ashley in Seattle.

MERRITT, THERESA – actress – boy/girl. She played the role of Mama Eloise Curtis in “That’s My Mama.” She was a 1985 Tony Award nominee for her performance in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” Born in 1924, Theresa Merritt died June 12, 1998.

MERBRIER, REV. W. CARTER – “Captain Noah Children’s Show” – granddaughters.

MOONEY, BILL – actor – boys.

MORGAN, HENRY – movie actor – boys.

MORIARTY, CATHY and GENTILE, JOSEPH – actress – girl (Catherine Patricia) and boy (Joseph John) born September 11, 2000. Appeared in many films including Raging Bull and Kindergarten Cop.

MORISSETTE, ALANIS (musician) and WADE (yoga instructor, therapist and author) born June 1, 1974 in Canada.

MURRAY, ARTHUR and KATHRYN – dancers and TV show hosts – girls. Arthur Murray’s real name was Moses Teichman. He was born in 1895 and died in 1991.

NELSON, OZZIE and HARRIET – actor and actress – grandparents of boys (Matthew and Gunnar Nelson).

NELSON, RICKY and KRIS HARMON – entertainer – boys (Matthew and Gunnar Nelson)

NORRIS, CHUCK and O’KELLEY, GENA – actor (Norris) and model (O’Kelley) – boy and girl (Dakota Alan and Danilee Kelley), born August 20, 2001. Carlos Ray Norris Jr. (born March 10, 1940), better known in the entertainment world as Chuck Norris, is a martial artist, an American action movie actor and Hollywood star. He is the star of the former TV series, “Walker, Texas Ranger”.

O’CONNELL, JERRY Jerry O’Connell’s twins were born on December 28, 2008. They babies were named Dolly and Charlie. There’s just one thing; the twins are both girls! Their full names are Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip. Jerry O’Connell has played various roles on television series, including Crossing Jordan, Las Vegas and Carpoolers, and made appearances in several forgettable films. His wife, Rebecca Romijn, is best known for her swimsuit photoshoots for Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, as well as her roles as Mystique in the X-Men movies and Alexis Meade on the television program Ugly Betty.

PACINO, AL and D’ANGELO, BEVERLY – actress and actor – boy (Anton)/girl (Olivia) twins on January 25, 2001. The twins were the first children for D’Angelo, 46, who has been with Pacino, 60, for four years.

PAGE, GERALDINE and TORN, RIP – actress and actor – boys

PARKS, BERT – TV entertainer – boys

PARSONS, ESTELLE and RICHARD GEHMAN – actress and author – girls

PAULEY, JANE and GARY TRUDEAU – TV journalist (Today Show and Dateline NBC) and cartoonist – boy/girl, 1983

PARKER, SARAH JESSICA twin girls were born on June 22, 2009, delivered by a surrogate mother. Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge carry their father — actor Matthew Broderick’s — last name, while their middle names reflect their mother’s heritage. The couple had been married for twelve years when their darling daughter duo was born, and have a son, James, who was six years old when his sisters arrived. Sarah Jessica Parker starred in the television series Sex and the City, and recreated her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the movie version.

PATTI, SANDI – Grammy award winning contemporary Christian and gospel singer – boy/girl, 1988

PEETE, HOLLY ROBINSON and RODNEY – actress – boygirl twins (Rodney Jackson and Ryan Elizabeth), October 19, 1997

PERRI, VALERIE – actress – boys

PHILLIPS, LOU DIAMOND and KELLY – actor – girls (Grace and Isabella), October 5, 1997. Born Lou Upchurch), he has appeared in numerous productions including Stand and Deliver and La Bamba.

PITT, BRAD Twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline are the youngest two of the six children that Brad Pitt parents with partner Angelina Jolie. They were born to the celebrity couple on July 12, 2008 in Nice, France. A picture of the infant twins was sold to a magazine for $14 million dollars, which he Jolie-Pitts donated to the charity foundation that bears their name. Brad Pitt’s career as an actor and producer has associated him with numerous movies, including the Ocean’s Trilogy (Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen), Fight Club, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

POINTER, RUTH and SAYLES, MICHAEL – entertainers – boy/girl

POLLAN, TRACY and MICHAEL J. FOX – actress/actor – identical girls, 1995

POSEY, PARKER and CHRISTOPHER born November 8, 1968 in Baltimore, Maryland. Actress Parker Posey’s twin brother has a very different career to that of his sis. While she’s been dubbed ‘Queen of the Indies’, her brother Christopher practises law in Atlanta.

PREMINGER, OTTO – producer/director – boy/girl

PRESLEY, LISA MARIE- The only daughter of Elvis Presley gave birth to twins on October 7, 2008. Lisa Marie Presley and her husband Michael Lockwood named the babies Finley and Harper. Their famous grandfather was also a twin; Elvis’ twin brother, Jesse, was stillborn.

QUAID, DENNIS Dennis Quaid’s twin babies made the news, not just because of their celebrity parents, but because of a serious medical error that almost cost them their lives. The babies, born November 8, 2007 via a surrogate mother, were given an overdose of Heparin, a blood-thinning drug used to treat a staph infection. The boy/girl twins, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, recovered from the incident by Quaid remains an activist against medical errors. Dennis Quaid is married to Kimberly Buffington, and has starred in many movies, such as The Parent Trap and The Rookie.

RICHARDSON, PATRICIA and BAKER, RAY – actress, actor – twins. Patricia plays the role of Jill Taylor in the popular TV series, ” Home Improvement.”

ROBERTS, JULIA and MODER, DANIEL – Oscar-winning actress (Roberts, b. 10/28/67), cinematographer (Moder, b. 1/31/69) – boy/girl twins (Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia), b. November 28, 2004 . Julia Roberts has appeared in numerous films. Some of them include: Mystic Pizza (1988); Satisfaction (1988); Steel Magnolias (1989); Pretty Woman (1990); The Pelican Brief (1993); I Love Trouble (1994); Something to Talk About (1995); Everyone Says I Love You (1996); Mary Reilly (1996); My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997); Stepmom (1998); Runaway Bride (1999); Notting Hill (1999); Erin Brockovich (2000); The Mexican (2001); America’s Sweethearts (2001); Ocean’s Eleven (2001); Mona Lisa Smile (2003); Ocean’s Twelve (2004). Her great grandmother was a twin and Julia has twin cousins.

With many movies to his credit, Moder and Roberts met on the set of The Mexican, and were married July 4, 2002.

ROMANO, RAY – actor and standup comedian.

Ray Romano is a dad of twins and he also played one on tv! The actor, best known for the comedy series Everyone Loves Raymond, is a dad of four children, including twin sons Matthew and Gregory born in 1993. In the series pilot for Everyone Loves Raymond, the character’s twin sons were also named Matthew and Gregory, but the actor felt it was too weird to have his tv kids have the same name as his real-life kids, and the names were alterered in future episods. Romano is an avid golfer and poker player.

ROMIJN, REBECCA gave birth to twins on December 28, 2008. She and her husband (actor Jerry O’Connell) named the babies Dolly and Charlie. There’s just one thing; the twins are both girls! Their full names are Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip. Romijn is best known for her swimsuit photoshoots for Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, as well as her roles as Mystique in the X-Men movies and Alexis Meade on the television program Ugly Betty.

SCOTT, JOHNATHAN AND DREW. The Property Brothers is a Canadian reality television series. Identical twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott (born 28 April 1978) help home buyers to purchase and renovate “fixer-uppers.” Drew is a real estate expert who scouts neglected houses and negotiates the purchases. His identical twin brother Jonathan is a licensed contractor who does the renovations of the houses. Together, the Property Brothers help families find, buy, and transform fixer-uppers into dream homes on a strict time-line and strict budget

SEVARIED, ERIC – TV newscaster – boys

SEYMOUR, JANE and KEACH, JAMES – actress/producer and actor/producer\ /writer/director – fraternal boys. Jane Seymour, 45 years old when her twin sons were born, is also the author of Two at a Time: The Journey Through Pregnancy and Birth (© 2001).

SHEEN, CHARLIE Oh Charlie. So much talent, and yet so many drug and legal problems, the latest of which will likely earn him a jail sentence. Sheen and second wife, Brooke Mueller, have twin sons. Bob and Max were born March 14, 2009. Later that year, he was arrested on charges of domestic violence against Brooke. Sheen starred in numerous movies, but had his greatest success as the highly-paid star of the television show, Two and a Half Men, earning a reported $1.78 million per episode.

SHEPHERD, CYBILL – actress – boy/girl

SHRINER, HERB – TV entertainer – boys (Wil and Kin)

SILVERS, PHIL – actor – girls


SKLAR, FARRELL RANDAL “Randy” and JASON NATHAN (born January 12, 1972), professionally known as the Sklar Brothers, are American identical twin comedians and sportscasters. They formerly hosted the show “Cheap Seats” on ESPN Classic, which came to an end on November 19, 2006, after four seasons. Randy and Jason grew up in suburban St. Louis. They went to the University of Michigan, where they joined the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. While enrolled, they decided to pursue a career in comedy.

SMALLEY, ROY – professional baseball player – girls. He played for 13 years in the Major Leagues with the Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees. He was the starting shortstop in the 1979 All Star Game and was a member of the 1987 Twins World Series Championship Team.

STEWART, JAMES (JIMMY) and GLORIA – Oscar-winning actor – girls, Judy and Kelly. Gloria died in 1994 and Jimmy Stewart died July 2, 1997. Jimmy Stewart will be remembered for his roles in many movies including It’s a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

SUTHERLAND, DONALD and DOUGLAS, SHIRLEY – actor – boy (Kiefer)/girl (Rachel). Kiefer is also an actor.

SUTHERLAND, KIEFER (actor) and RACHEL (post-production supervisor ) twins born December 21, 1966 in London, England. Children of Donald Sutherland.

THOMAS, RICHARD – actor “The Waltons” – 3 (identical) girls

WASHINGTON, DENZEL and PAULETTA – actor and former actress.
Actor Denzel Washington and his wife Paulette Pearson are the parents of boy/girl twins, Malcolm and Olivia, born in 1991. They also have two older children. The actor and director has had a long run of success across several decades. He even played the role of a TV doctor like fellow dad of twins, Patrick Dempsey, when he was on St. Elsewhere in the 1980’s. He won a supporting actor Oscar in 1989 and has continued to enjoy respect for his work on films such as Philadelphia, Remember the Titans, American Gangster and The Taking of Pelham 123.

WAYNE, DAVID – actor – girls.

WAYNE, JOHN – actor -grandchildren – boy/girl. John Wayne was born Marion Michael Morrison in 1907 and died in 1979. He was a grandfather and great-grandfather of twins. He was grandfather to Molly and Patrick Munoz– children of Wayne’s daughter, Melinda Wayne Munoz. He was great-grandfather to identical boys, Matthew and Luke– grandsons to Wayne’s daughter, Toni Wayne LaCava, and sons of Toni’s daughter, Anita.

WHITE, WHITNEY and MORGAN – appeared on “Knot’s Landing”

WILLIAMS, ANDY – singer – boys

WILLIAMS, MARY ALICE – former NBC anchor person

Government Personalities

ALBRIGHT, MADELEINE KORBEL – First female Secretary of State – girls, born in 1961.

ANDERSON, JOHN – former governor of Kansas – boy/girl.

ANNAN, KOFI from Ghana won the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize as Secretary-General of the United Nations.  Sadly, his twin sister had died suddenly from an unknown disease six years before he become the Secretary-General in 1997.

BUSH, GEORGE HERBERT WALKER and BARBARA (PIERCE) – former Vice President and 41st President of the United States and First Lady of the United States – grandparents of girls (Barbara and Jenna) born to son, George W. Bush and wife Laura.

BUSH, GEORGE W.and LAURA (WELCH) – America’s 43rd President and First Lady. George W. is the son of former President (George H. W.) and First Lady (Barbara Bush), and the 46th Governor of Texas. Fraternal twin girls (Barbara and Jenna–named after their grandmothers) born in 1981.

CASTRO, JOAQUIN and JULIAN twins from Texas.  Joaquin is in the U.S. House of Representatives and Julian is the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development AND the former Mayor of San Antonio, TX.

CUOMO, KERRY KENNEDY and ANDREW – Andrew Mark Cuomo, US Democratic politician; chairman of New York City Commission on the Homeless 1991-1993; assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development for community planning and development 1993-1997; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 1997–; son of Mario Cuomo; son-in-law of Robert F. Kennedy, and his wife, Kerry, have twin girls. Mariah Matildia Kennedy Cuomo and Cara Ethel Kennedy Cuomo were born January 11, 1995. Kerry Kennedy Cuomo is the daughter of Ethel and the late Robert F. Kennedy. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights, based in Washington, D.C. She is also the aunt of twin boys–brother Joseph Kenndy is the father of twins.

CUOMO, MARIO and MATILDIA – politician, New York State’s 52nd governor ( 1982-1990). Grandfather of twin girls. Their son, Andrew and wife, Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, have twin daughters.

ENGLER, JOHN and MICHELLE – elected in 1990 as Michigan’s Governor and his wife – triplet girls, 1994 (Margaret Rose, Hannah Michelle, Madeleine Jenny)

KENNEDY, JOSEPH and KENNEDY, SHEILA RAUCH politician/U.S. Representative and author (Shattered Faith) – fraternal boys (Joe and Matt). Joe is the eldest son of the late U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy. The couple divorced after a 12-year marriage.

KENNEDY, ETHEL SKAKEL and SEN. ROBERT F. (b. 1925- d. 1968) – United States Senator and brother of the late President John F. Kennedy. He and his wife, Ethel are grandparents of twins. Daugher Kerry Kennedy Cuomo and son Joseph are both parents of twins.

PERSKIE, STEVEN – NJ Assemblyman – boys

RICHARDS, Honorable ANN – former Governor of Texas – twin grandchildren.

ROCKEFELLER, NELSON – former Vice President of the United States – boy/girl

STELGER, SAM – Congressman, Arizona – boys

SWIFT, JANE – acting Massachusetts governor. – twin girls. According to CNN on May 16, 2001: Dr. Leila Schueler, the governor’s doctor, said Lauren Alma Hunt was born Tuesday at 9:11 p.m., weighing 6 pounds and measuring 17 inches. Her sister, Sarah Jane Hunt, was born at 9:12 p.m., weighing more than 5 pounds and measuring about 17 inches. Schueler said she believes the twins are fraternal, rather than identical. Swift, 36, is married to Chuck Hunt, a contractor by trade but stay-at-home dad for their 2-year-old daughter, Elizabeth.

THATCHER, MARGERET – former Prime Minister of Great Britain – boy/girl Known as the “iron lady,” Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 until 1990. She’s also a mom of boy/girl twins, Mark and Carol, born in 1953.

WALSH, MATT – former Governor of Indiana – girls

WILSON, HAROLD – former Prime Minister of Great Britain – granddaughters

Literature and Art Personalities

BALDWIN, FAITH – author – twins. Born in 1893 and died in 1978. She published more than 60 novels with such titles as Those Difficult Years (1925), The Office Wife (1930), Babs and Mary Lou (1931), District Nurse (1932), Manhattan Nights (1937), and He Married a Doctor (1944). Her last completed novel, Adam’s Eden, appeared in 1977.

BURNS, ROBERT – Scottish poet – 2 sets, boy/girl (Robert and Jean – 1786), girls (1788).

CARTER IV, W. HODDING – writer and adventurer – girls. Hodding Carter led an expedition which retraced Leif Eriksson’s voyage in a replica Viking ship, sailing from Greenland to Newfoundland in 87 days in 1998. He and his wife, Lisa, are the parents of 4 year-old twins Anabel and Eliza, as well as a 2-1/2 year-old daughter Helen.

CLEARY, BEVERLY – author – boy/girl (Marianne Elisabeth and Malcolm James).

COLLIER HERBERT – psychologist, author – boy/girl.

ESPY, HILDA COLE – author – girls.

KERR, JEAN COLLINS and WALTER – author/critic (Jean) and Pulitzer-prize winning drama critic and author of “The Silent Clowns” (Walter) – boys. Walter Kerr was born July 8, 1913 and has since died. Jean Kerr was born in 1923. In 1957 she published a collection of comic sketches on domestic life under the title “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” The book was a best-seller and was adapted as a motion picture and later a television series under the same title.

KIMBROUGH, EMILY – author – girls.

LEIBOVITZ, HARRY – artist – girls.

PEIRCE, WALDO – artist – boys. Artist from Maine born in 1884 and died in 1978.

ROCKWELL, NORMAN – artist – grandfather – boy/girl

SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM – playwright and poet – boy (Hamnet)/girl (Judith)

STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER – author – girls. Eliza and Harriet (Hattie) Stowe were born to Harriet Beecher Stowe and husband Calvin Ellis Stowe on September 29, 1836. Mr. Stowe was a theology professor and Harriet Beecher Stowe was the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. She died in 1896. Hattie Stowe died in 1907 and her sister died five years later. Neither twin married.

WILDE, OSCAR – writer – granddaughters

ZINER, FEENIE – author – triplets

Miscellaneous Personalities

CARR, GERALD – astronaut – 2 sets.

CLEOPATRA and MARC ANTHONY – Queen of Egypt and Triumber (after Ceasar’s death) – boy/girl (40 BC). Their twin children were officially recognized by Antony and were given the names of Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene. Antony committed suicide by falling on his own sword in 30 BC. Cleopatra died on August 12, 30 BC at the age of 39.

DIMON, JAMIE and THEODORE – Jamie the well-known CEO of JPMorgan Chase, is also a twin.  His fraternal twin brother Theodore Dimon, Jr., Ed.D., is accomplished but less famous.

KELLY, SCOTT  who has recently returned from 340 days in space.  His twin brother MARK is a retired astronaut who went on four space missions.  Scott and Mark are the only twins who both are space travelers.

KING HUSSEIN (HUSSEIN IBN TALAL) – King of Jordan – twin daughters. Princesses Zein and Aisha were born April 23, 1968.

LOUIS XV – King of France – girls.

MAHAL, PRINCESS MUMTAZ and SHAH JAHAN – two sets of twins. Princess Mumtaz Mahal, a Persian princess was the second wife of the fifth Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan. He began construction on the Taj Mahal in 1631 in memory of her. It was completed in 22 years.

NORIEGA, CARLOS – Astronaut. The father of 8-year old triplets Elizabeth, Rudy, and Robert, and two teenagers, Ryan and Shayna, Carlos Noriega recently completed his second flight on the Space Shuttle. During his most recent flight on STS-97 in December 2000, he performed three space walks to assemble the solar panels on the International Space Station. Upon his return, he was assigned to his next mission as a commander on the Space Station for a stay of 4-6 months. On his previous flight, he rendezvoused with the MIR, the Russian Space Station.

SANGO OF YORUBA – Sango, one of Yorubaland’s most prominent dynastic leaders in history, is said to have fathered the first pair of Yoruban twins. It is for this reason that twins among the Yoruban culture are thought to have the power of thunder and have even been called “children of thunder.”

SILVAGNOLI – 1984 – 2 girls, 2 boys.

TAYLOR, NIKI – supermodel. Niki Taylor is the mother of twin 6-year-old boys, Jake and Hunter. One of the top supermodels since the early 1990s, Niki Taylor remained in critical condition Wednesday at Grady Memorial Hospital.She was riding in a friend’s car early Sunday when the driver ran off the road and hit a utility pole, apparently because he looked down to answer his cell phone, police said.

TIEGS, CHERYL – supermodel. At age 52, Cheryl Tiegs and husband her husband, yoga teacher Rod Stryker, became the parents of twins born to a surrogate mother. The twins were born in July 2000.