Department Emails


Education Vice President – oversees Education Department, directly responsible for Ad Promo designer, design editor, and the Resource Publications Coordinator. Also searches for and negotiates with advertisers for all Multiples of America publications. Works with other departments on producing pamphlets and publications as needed.

Education Chairman – responsible for the quarterly publication Notebook, including the team of writers that provide material for it, and the copy editor who proofs it. Works with other departments on producing pamphlets and publications as needed.

District Reporter – responsible for connecting with clubs in her district to obtain copies of newsletters and information to report to other members of Multiples of America. Also writes at least three articles for the quarterly Multiples of America publication Notebook.
DR1a covers CT, DE, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT
DR1b covers,NJ,NY,PA
DR2 covers AL, DC, FL, GA, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV
DR3 covers IN, KY, IA, MI, MN, MT, ND, OH, SD, WI
DR4 covers AR, IL, KS, LA, MO, NE, OK, TX
DR5a covers AK, No. CA, CO, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY
DR5b covers AZ, NM, HI,So.CA

Resource Publications Coordinator – reviews books, publications, and other media provided to the organization by publishers, or as suggested by members. She then reports on these reviews in the quarterly publication Notebook.


Membership VP: Liaison between member clubs and Multiples of America regarding membership-related information and concerns.

Membership Chairman: Assists in communication between member clubs/affiliates and Multiples of America membership-related dues renewals, prospective new members/clubs, and newly formed clubs.

Affiliate Member Coordinator: Liaison between Individual Affiliate Members (IAM) and Professional Affiliate Members (PAM) and Multiples of America regarding membership-related information and concerns.

Bereavement Support Coordinator: Assists with support, resource information and condolences to clubs and members who have experienced a loss.

Higher Order Multiples: Assists with support and resource information to clubs and to members with higher order multiples and multiple multiples (more than one set of multiples).

National Rep Liaison: Liaison between club National Reps and Multiples of America. Assists with information/questions pertaining to the national representative’s position within member clubs.

National State Liaison: Liaison between State Organizations and Multiples of America.

Single Parent Coordinator: Assists with support and resource information to clubs and to members who are single parents.

Spanish Liaison: Assists with support and translation to clubs and to members who speak Spanish.

Special Needs Coordinator: Assists with support and resource information to clubs and to members who have children with special needs.


Research Vice President: The Research Vice President manages the Research Department and oversees the handling of external research inquiries, as well as, organizational research studies.

Research Chairman: The Research Chairman oversees the Research Committee and coordinates the writing of organizational surveys, as well as, assisting the Research Vice President, as needed.

Research Librarian: The Research Librarian assists members with questions they have about multiple birth children and related topics.

Outside Research Coordinator: The Outside Research Coordinator is Multiples of America’s liaison with the scientific community and handles requests by outside researchers to tap into our membership for participants for their multiple birth related studies.


Executive Vice President: Supervises the work of the Publicity Department. Oversees all publicity and marketing efforts for Multiples of America. Serves as supervisor of the Multiples of America website. Assists in the planning and implementation of the Miltiple Birth Awareness Month and Multiple Birth Festival.

Publicity Chairman: Supervises and maintains all work on the website, online communications activities and the Online Communication Assistants.

Marketing Coordinator: Works with the Executive Vice President and the Publicity Coordinator in the development and implementation of marketing projects for Multiples of America to both internal and external audiences.

Publicity Coordinator: Responsible for increasing the public’s awareness about Multiples of America through the media and other publications. Assists with publicity for Multiple Birth Awareness Month, Multiple Birth Festival, and the annual convention each year.

Webmaster: Assists to coordinate, maintain, and update Multiples of America’s webpages.


Treasurer: To assist clubs with general club financial questions, as well as questions pertaining to Multiples of America logo products.

Group Exemption Coordinator: To assist clubs with questions and information regarding inclusion in Multiples of America’s 501(c)3 tax exempt status.


Meeting Planner: Responsible for all convention committee and activities, current and upcoming.

Site Planner: Serves as the contact for proposed convention sites/committees. Also works with upcoming convention committees.

Exhibit / Sponsorship Coordinator: Assist with sponsorship and exhibit opportunities. Also oversees the Showcase event during convention.



Secretary: Responsible for keeping the minutes of all Executive Committee and Board of Directors’ meetings and conference calls, completing organizational correspondence, preparing and maintaining the Multiples of America National Worker directory, tracking and presenting annual service awards, and completing the annual National Worker/Past President newsletter.