Hi It’s Debbie & Lisa – Twins Talent Please Please add yourself to our Facebook pages & follow us on Instagram #twinstalent to receive all our castings & event info .This is the only Facebook Page that is NOT full:https://www.facebook.com/lisasue.ganz.9LISASUEGANZ INSTAGRAM: @TWINSTALENT #TWINSTALENT CASTING CBS -NY “BULL” – Casting Twin/Triplets – IdenticalCaucasian BOYS with sandy brown hair- twins to play 3yr olds. Prefer older to play younger. NEED TO be at least 3yrs old. Shoots WED, January 9th-Brooklyn. Email: twinstalentcasting@gmail.comwith names, dob, tel, inches, weight, one recent color photo of them together taken in the last 2 weeks. CASTING HBO -NY “DIVORCE 3” – Sarah Jessica Parker – Casting Twin/Triplets – Identical Caucasian BOYS with light brown hair- twins to play 3yr olds. . Shoots January 15th. AUDITION this FRIDAY IN LIC. Email:twinstalentcasting@gmail.com with names, dob, tel, inches, weight, one recent color photo of them together taken in the last 2 weeks.CASTING-LOS ANGELES “SPLITTING UP TOGETHER” – ABCTV -Twin or Triplet Caucasian babies to play newborns under 11 pounds. Shoots in LA. Boys or Girls to play Girls. Week of 1/7-1/12. Few Days. Can be located anywhere in California. Email: twinstalentcasting@gmail.comwith names, weight, inches, real dob, photo taken today or yesterday and contact number  PLEASE SHARE YOUR “WEDDING STORIES” with us.Fun Opportunity to GET PAID for SHARING YOUR WEDDING & PRE-WEDDING STORY! – Easy Money! We would like Extreme Stories – NO story is too boring or too much! ANYONE THAT HAS EVER HAD A WEDDING; ATTENDED A PRE-WEDDING EVENT OR BEEN TO BACHELOR/ETTE EVENT NEEDS TO READ!HAVE YOU WITNESSED OR HEARD A CRAZY STORY FROM A WEDDING?**THOSE COUPLES CHOSEN TO TELL STORY FOR SHOW WILL GET PAID TO SHARE THE STORY !(BRIDE/ GROOM must be telling story)A new Re-creation show for a major TV network is looking for couples to RE-TELL their stories. We will NOT be using names of guests and DO NOT need any video!We are looking for stories (harrowing or hilarious) related to your wedding or pre-wedding that almost included or did include a trip to the ER ! The more twists and turns the better!Instagram: @twinstalent #twinstalentFOLLOW US -Facebook page: TwinstalentincFacebook: LisasueganzOur new personal facebook page because our others are full Twincerely LISA & DEBBIE GANZ
  LOOKING FOR OUTRAGEOUS (HILARIOUS OR HARROWING) WEDDING DAY OR PRE-WEDDING PLANNING STORIES! ANY STORIES THAT MAY ALMOST SOUND TOO CRAZY TO BELIEVE!**Everyone has been to a wedding or been part of a wedding so please help us spread the word! The more twists and turns the better! DID YOU END UP IN THE ER OR ALMOST END UP IN THE ER DURING YOUR WEDDING OR WEDDING PLANNING?Maybe you found out you were pregnant right before the wedding?Maybe your wedding dress, hair or tie caught on fire the day of the event? Maybe you tried to re-create dirty dancing song & fell and broke a leg?Maybe you fell in the water during family photos ?Maybe the car broke down on the way to the alter or were in an accident?Maybe your dress was lost and your wedding hall shut down prior to the event?Maybe you used pyrotechnics and the day did not go as planned? Maybe you learned a secret that day and it changed the coarse of the wedding? ***If you had any crazy fiascos related to the wedding or wedding planning, we may re-tell your story. Send us an email and TELL US YOUR STORY! Email:Twinstalent@gmail.com Include your name, contact info-tel # and the story . PLEASE be as detailed as possible