@TWINSTALENTHi! Debbie & Lisa  here-Twins Talent!  #twinstalent @twinstalentEnjoy Columbus Day – Take an adventure & Discover something new! Please forward these castings to all local Parent of Multiple Organizations. PLEASE FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @TWINSTALENTFACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/lisasue.ganz.9  Prayers are with everyone being affected by the Natural Disasters in Indonesia & Haiti======= CASTING “MODERN LOVE” NY – Looking for 4 Sets of Caucasian Twin/Triplet GIRLS OF DIFFERENT AGES with DARK hair  to match a Principal Actress. Newborns to 2.5yrs old in the NY, NJ, CT area.Email: twinstalentcasting@gmail.com with names, dob, tel number and one recent candid color photo of the twins together. First shoot October 23 NYC.Casting -“Central Park” -Netflix- Ava DuVernay – NYCasting a few sets of Twin/Triplet Boys who have dark hair, dark eyes, olive complexion who can play the double of child btwn 10 months & 3yrs old. Email: twinstalentcasting@gmail.com with names, dob, tel number and one recent candid color photoCasting – “GOTHAM” -NYCCaucasian Twin/Triplet babies to play newborns-3 months old. Shoots in the middle of October – Email: twinstalentcasting@gmail.com with names, dob, tel number & one recent candid color photo of the twins together.PLEASE FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM : TWINSTALENTFACEBOOK Is a great place to also find out what is going on with Twins TalentFacebook: Lisasue Ganzhttps://www.facebook.com/lisasue.ganz.9
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