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Casting Call

Hi It’s Debbie & Lisa – Twins Talent



CASTING BILLIONS – Casting Twin/Triplets Babies any ethnicity that can play the role of caucasian & Native American Iroquois mix. Shoots January 23RD NY with names, dob, tel, inches, weight, one recent color photo of them together taken in the last 2 weeks. Must be NY


“JACK” – ANTI-BULLYING & INCLUSION – Win High Tech Gaming System



Jack is the son of one of our closest TWIN friends in the world-Robin Posnack and the brother to twins Charlotte & Hunter. 

At Birth, Jack was diagnosed with a very very rare genetic disease and his life expectancy was 3-5 years. Familial Dysautonomia (FD) –

Well Jack is celebrating is 13th bday and he wants to give back to others by promoting ANTI BULLYING & INCLUSION through virtual reality & online gaming

We can NOT make Jacks life longer, but we can make it better

Jack is is part of “Make A Wish” and his time is limited.

Jack wants to give back to other special needs children through virtual reality on online gaming. His goal is to “Level The Playing Field” between the abled and disabled communities

Jack can not attend school because of his medical needs, so he needs to connect with friends and family online.

STORY SUBMISSION: You can Submit your own personal story and tell Jack why you would like to be part of the “Jack Pack” and how winning a high tech gaming system would mean so much to your family and how you can relate to Jacks Mission.

Please subscribe, like and watch his links to understand this fantastic mission

The Movement called ‘Jack attack LTPF” is all about anti-bullying INCLUSION, ACCEPTANCE & SURVIVAL – PLEASE LOOK AT THE LINKS BELOW & SUBSCRIBE & LIKE  

Jack’s mission – “JACK PACK”



 “Jack Attack Promo”

Casting Call

Hi It’s Debbie & Lisa – Twins Talent Please Please add yourself to our Facebook pages & follow us on Instagram #twinstalent to receive all our castings & event info .This is the only Facebook Page that is NOT full: INSTAGRAM: @TWINSTALENT #TWINSTALENT CASTING CBS -NY “BULL” – Casting Twin/Triplets – IdenticalCaucasian BOYS with sandy brown hair- twins to play 3yr olds. Prefer older to play younger. NEED TO be at least 3yrs old. Shoots WED, January 9th-Brooklyn. Email: twinstalentcasting@gmail.comwith names, dob, tel, inches, weight, one recent color photo of them together taken in the last 2 weeks. CASTING HBO -NY “DIVORCE 3” – Sarah Jessica Parker – Casting Twin/Triplets – Identical Caucasian BOYS with light brown hair- twins to play 3yr olds. . Shoots January 15th. AUDITION this FRIDAY IN LIC. with names, dob, tel, inches, weight, one recent color photo of them together taken in the last 2 weeks.CASTING-LOS ANGELES “SPLITTING UP TOGETHER” – ABCTV -Twin or Triplet Caucasian babies to play newborns under 11 pounds. Shoots in LA. Boys or Girls to play Girls. Week of 1/7-1/12. Few Days. Can be located anywhere in California. Email: twinstalentcasting@gmail.comwith names, weight, inches, real dob, photo taken today or yesterday and contact number  PLEASE SHARE YOUR “WEDDING STORIES” with us.Fun Opportunity to GET PAID for SHARING YOUR WEDDING & PRE-WEDDING STORY! – Easy Money! We would like Extreme Stories – NO story is too boring or too much! ANYONE THAT HAS EVER HAD A WEDDING; ATTENDED A PRE-WEDDING EVENT OR BEEN TO BACHELOR/ETTE EVENT NEEDS TO READ!HAVE YOU WITNESSED OR HEARD A CRAZY STORY FROM A WEDDING?**THOSE COUPLES CHOSEN TO TELL STORY FOR SHOW WILL GET PAID TO SHARE THE STORY !(BRIDE/ GROOM must be telling story)A new Re-creation show for a major TV network is looking for couples to RE-TELL their stories. We will NOT be using names of guests and DO NOT need any video!We are looking for stories (harrowing or hilarious) related to your wedding or pre-wedding that almost included or did include a trip to the ER ! The more twists and turns the better!Instagram: @twinstalent #twinstalentFOLLOW US -Facebook page: TwinstalentincFacebook: LisasueganzOur new personal facebook page because our others are full Twincerely LISA & DEBBIE GANZ
  LOOKING FOR OUTRAGEOUS (HILARIOUS OR HARROWING) WEDDING DAY OR PRE-WEDDING PLANNING STORIES! ANY STORIES THAT MAY ALMOST SOUND TOO CRAZY TO BELIEVE!**Everyone has been to a wedding or been part of a wedding so please help us spread the word! The more twists and turns the better! DID YOU END UP IN THE ER OR ALMOST END UP IN THE ER DURING YOUR WEDDING OR WEDDING PLANNING?Maybe you found out you were pregnant right before the wedding?Maybe your wedding dress, hair or tie caught on fire the day of the event? Maybe you tried to re-create dirty dancing song & fell and broke a leg?Maybe you fell in the water during family photos ?Maybe the car broke down on the way to the alter or were in an accident?Maybe your dress was lost and your wedding hall shut down prior to the event?Maybe you used pyrotechnics and the day did not go as planned? Maybe you learned a secret that day and it changed the coarse of the wedding? ***If you had any crazy fiascos related to the wedding or wedding planning, we may re-tell your story. Send us an email and TELL US YOUR STORY! Include your name, contact info-tel # and the story . PLEASE be as detailed as possible

To Local Clubs Using Big Tent

A Straw Polling was done to ask what local clubs were using to conduct business and communicate with their members. The majority of these polled use Google and their GSuite products. Listed below is a very brief description of how this service can be used. This service tends to be user friendly and easy to set up. We encourage local clubs that are currently using Big Tent to look into this service and other service options available. 

  • Board members can have a unique Gmail account in addition to main email addresses. 
  • Clubs can store all official minutes, agendas and club documents using  Google Storage and set this up with your Secretaries Gmail account.  PDF versions of minutes can then be distributed to the General and Executive Boards as needed and appropriately. 
  • Board Members can capture procedures and checklist using personal Gmail accounts and then share those documents broadly with all the General and Executive Boards as appropriate. 
  • Google Calendar is easy to set up and user friendly for members.
  • Clubs official membership list can be kept in a Google Sheet that is updated as needed on a monthly basis.  Clubs Membership lists for events and/or submitting to Multiples of America can be created from the master sheet.  This list can also help clubs sync up with member website accounts and the member mailing list in MailChimp if needed. 

These are only a few highlights and benefits using Google and GSuite services. The only negative response received was pertaining to larger clubs when sending a mass email to members. One club stated that Google wanted to consider them a business and charge a fee. This club was able to fix this issue by sending emails to members in smaller batches.

Multiples of America also uses Google for certain services and have found it to be efficient and user friendly.

Please Consider participating in this Global Initiative!

Please take a moment to read this information and participate in this Global Initiative!

In this world-first initiative, we are giving twins and multiples the opportunity to steer future twin and multiple-birth health research in the direction that matters to you.Help us to identify the top research priorities for twins and their families to enjoy optimal health and well being.

We are launching the Global Twins and Multiples Priority Setting Partnership with TAMBA UK, and St George’s University of London.  This initiative seeks to identify the top 5-10 priorities for research into twins’ and multiples’ health. Ultimately,our aims are to save lives and to improve long-term health outcomes for multiples.  

We believe there is insufficient attention given to the specific health needs of multiple-birth families even though the number of multiple births has increased overtime. 

It is important that decisions about future research priorities don’t rest with researchers or government funding bodies alone. Our partnership wishes to hear the voices of all stakeholders in multiple-birth care – twins, higher-order multiples, their parents and families, GPs, obstetricians, pediatricians, midwives, maternal health nurses and educators.  

Ensure your voice is heard by filling out an initial 15-minute online survey. You’ll be asked to nominate up to three important unanswered research questions on the health of multiples relating to issues such as pregnancy, birth, parenting, childhood development, diseases, emotional and mental well being etc.

You can complete the survey or find out more information by clicking on this linkThe survey closes soon so please take it ASAP!

We would also appreciate if you could share this survey with others in your circle e.g.  twin friends and families, multiple-birth clubs, your GP and specialists. It is open to everyone who supports twin lives and well being.

Let’s work together to identify the most pressing issues needing research, and to make sure research funding and resources are going where they are most needed. Generations of multiple-birth families – now and in the future – are counting on us.

Many thanks,

Monica Rankin


Twin to twin transfusion syndrome

Twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) is a rare condition that occurs during a twin pregnancy when blood moves from one twin (the “donor twin”) to the other (the “recipient twin”) while in the womb. TTTS is a complication that specifically occurs in identical (monozygotic) twin pregnancies that share the same “egg” sac (monochorionic) that may or may not share the same amniotic sac (monoamniotic). TTTS usually develops between 15 and 26 weeks of pregnancy. The donor twin may be born smaller, with paleness, anemia, and dehydration. The recipient twin may be born larger, with redness, too much blood, and increased blood pressure, resulting in an increased risk for heart failure. Treatment may require repeated amniocentesis during pregnancy. Fetal laser surgery may be done to interrupt the flow of blood from one twin to the other. After birth, treatment depends on the infant’s specific symptoms. The donor twin may need a blood transfusion to treat anemia. The recipient twin may need to have the volume of body fluid reduced. This may involve an exchange transfusion. Medications may be given to treat heart failure in the recipient twin, per the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/National Institutes of Health

Approximately 15% of Identical Twin pregnancies develop TTTS.


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